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Beating the Competition

DASH’s PT algo utilizes a multi-factor risk model to optimize the trade schedule according to various user inputs that drive the overall behavior. Unlike competing portfolio trading platforms, our PT algo uses a correlation matrix that looks deeper than just overall cash to better "pair off" sections of the basket that may have similar characteristics, thereby reducing market impact and timing risk.

Pre-Trade Analytics

The user can see what the algo will do before it happens for a completely transparent user experience.

Cash Management

The PT Algo allows the user the ability to trade dollar neutral or manage cash skew using Cash Management Style.

User Control

The PT algo leverages the DASH single-stock suite to implement child orders, giving the user further control over venues, fee sensitivity and micro level behavior.

Visualization and Analysis

Cutting edge visualization that allows the user to explore algo behavior, trade schedule, auction exposure, dark allocation, estimated end time, and more.

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