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Innovative Market-Leading Solutions

DASH’s technologies provide the customization and transparency needed to improve performance whether you trade options or equities. Our intuitive, flexible, and complex algorithmic trading software is designed to maximize performance and efficiency.

Advanced technology engineered with craftsmanship provides high-performance solutions catered to your execution goals.


DASH ATS is an elegant options workflow solution that helps you maximize liquidity while minimizing costs.

Options Algos

Supporting a full suite of single-leg and multi-leg trading crossing and non-crossing algorithms, our highly configurable options solutions provide industry-leading liquidity capture, cost-optimization, and everything in between.

Equity Algos

DASH’s equity suite includes liquidity-seeking, opportunistic, benchmark, and portfolio solutions that can be tailored to fit your trading needs. Connected to all major venues, our equity solutions intelligently navigate the complex market microstructure to deliver better performance.

Improving performance through customization

DASH’s capital markets technologies allow granular customization around venues, order types, auctions, and overall algorithmic behaviors. We work closely with you through a data-driven approach to deliver efficient workflow solutions to optimize your performance goals.

Why Choose DASH


Data-driven solutions power our algorithmic trading software with the goal of maximizing performance and fulfilling our clients’ execution needs.

Service & Expertise

DASH’s trading and microstructure experts offer support, consultation and analysis in all facets of routing, execution, and workflow optimizations.


Used by some of the largest asset managers, global investment banks, sell-side institutions, hedge funds, and more, DASH’s technologies touch a large portion of the capital markets’ daily activity. Our solutions are available on 30+ EMS and OMS systems.

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