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DASH's smart order routing infrastructure is designed with calibration, speed, and intelligence to optimally source liquidity. With access to all lit venues and major dark pools, our liquidity seeking suite of equity algorithms help our clients achieve their performance goals.


Smart Order Routing with access to all lit venues and major dark pools, SENSOR provides a variety of behaviors to satisfy your trading goals, leveraging passive, midpoint, and aggressive order types as needed.


Data-driven and dynamic venue selection, the strategy’s tier-based logic unites dark pools, crossing networks, streaming liquidity venues and open market destinations into a single, integrated source as a customizable dark liquidity solution.


Access all equity single-dealer platforms, inverted exchanges, dark venues, and lit exchanges for an enhanced execution experience. Like all DASH solutions, SENSOR Pro is customizable on the single stock level to manage fees associated with your execution.


Dynamic routing tool that leverages a user-defined quantity threshold to determine when to fire orders. Smoke remains hidden, waiting to pounce on the NBBO when the minimum target quantity threshold is satisfied.

Benchmark Algos


Targeted to achieve Volume Weighted Average Price, the strategy utilizes dynamic inputs to minimize slippage versus VWAP.


Targeted to achieve the Time Weighted Average Price, the strategy aims to execute trades evenly over a specified period while employing anti-gaming techniques.


Dynamically adjusts Percentage of Volume rates based on price movements. The strategy leverages urgency and real-time market volume to determine when and how much of your order to trade to keep pace with your target participation rate.


Designed to trade an order into the closing auction while minimizing price impact and slippage, the algorithm dynamically estimates the number of shares for the closing auction and works the remainder of the order into the close.  Leverage our  Close analytics tool to see your orders before they start trading, how much will go into the closing auction, which orders are starting early, and when they will start to trade.


A strategic, opportunistic algorithm that utilizes the price action of the stock as the primary driver for execution speed, while simultaneously seeking blocks in the dark. The algorithm will attempt to source block liquidity at the onset of an order and then work orders between lit and dark venues, intelligently increasing the participation rate as the price becomes more favorable.

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