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Fast, reliable, and highly configurable, DASH’s innovative trading workflow solutions increase efficiency and productivity.


DASH OMS is a modernized order management system providing streamlined workflows to meet the demanding requirements of today’s trading professionals. With carefully crafted tools designed for option centric workflows, DASH OMS delivers users the ability to quickly systematize orders and easily send them into the marketplace. DASH OMS brings a rich suite of U.S. Listed Options and Equities functionality supporting simple, complex and volatility based algo strategies for execution management.


Seamlessly access a comprehensive network of floor brokers and Inter-Dealer Brokers (IDBs) through DASH’s proprietary options routing network. DASH’s BrokerPoint workflow solution helps our clients comply with various regulatory requirements such as 15c3-5 market access controls, Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), and OATS reporting.

By leveraging BrokerPoint to electronically codify, route and track your voice-brokered orders, you receive real-time status updates and fill information that creates a complete electronic audit trail for execution and reporting compliance.

DASH360 Risk Management

Leverage DASH 360’s Risk Management trading software to manage your market access risk controls. Effectively control your financial and regulatory risk, limiting financial exposure and ensuring compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

DASH360 Allocation Management

Allocation management features include post-trade editing capabilities for clearing and account changes.

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