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  • Augments on-screen liquidity

  • Reduces or eliminates exchange fees

  • Provides price improvement

Designed for a fragmented options market

Registered as an alternative trading system with the SEC, our DASH ATS liquidity management software increases liquidity through an automated RFQ process. Market makers and liquidity providers respond with their quotes before the order is routed to an exchange.


DASH ATS aggregates a network of third-party liquidity providers to potentially deliver liquidity that is not available on the screens.

Cost Optimization

DASH ATS can reduce or eliminate exchange fees when it pairs your order with liquidity found within the ATS.

Seamless Workflow

DASH ATS can become part of your current workflow, as a stand-alone solution or as part of a routing strategy. Enabling it is as simple as a few clicks by our trade desk with no disruption to your existing workflow.

Real-Time Transparency

Leverage the DASH ATS Visualizer in DASH360 for complete transparency into routing behavior, fees, and market data.

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